CPAP Strap Cover

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  • 2 Premium CPAP Comfort Pads
  • Safe For All Skin Types
  • Unique Hot ‘n’ Cold Comfort Feature
  • Long-lasting and Easy To Use


 More Bang for Your Buck with our 2 pcs value packEnduriMed 2 CPAP Strap Covers - The best cushioning for your CPAP straps.
Tired of bulky strap sleeves that put pressure on your mask and your skin? Release your jaw and cheeks from discomfort with the softest cushioned strap pads ever!

The Finest Strap Covers: We designed the perfect cushioning that eliminates the slightest distress caused by CPAP straps and creates a natural, supple yet snug wrap around your nasal mask straps.
The Softest Comfort: Made with plush-like, breathable material, these cute CPAP accessories have the right thickness that stops you from ’’wearing’’ your strap lines' marks all morning.
So-easy-to-use Advanced Fastener: Just wrap the pads around the CPAP mask straps, then secure with the hook 'n' loop fastener. The CPAP mask strap covers will fit beautifully, preventing hard plastic from being pressed against your face while you sleep.
The Beauty of Double Stitching: They hold up very well time and time again due to the strong double stitching. You can even pop them in the washing machine. And just wait until you see how they stay in place all night long!
Unique Feature: Smart Double Sided Fabric: We're using 2 intelligent materials that hold skin moisture: cool you down when it's hot, providing warmth when it's cold. (Psst, you won't get this from low-quality strap covers - which also irritate your skin).
Lightweight Exclusive Design
Bulky covers that suffocate your skin or your headgear? Not Anymore! EnduriMed CPAP Strap Covers weight just 3 oz and will rest gently on your straps. Plus, unlike most CPAP supplies, our CPAP comfort strap wraps were created to effortlessly cover any CPAP or BiPAP mask straps for your peace of mind.