Team Bios

Frank Patti, Director of Operations
Frank has the job of making sure the day-to-day aspects of the company are taken care of. From logistics to inventory management to technical geek stuff, Frank is always busy making sure the rest of the team has as few bumps in the road as possible. Frank has a wife of 6 years and two kids (ages three and one), assuring that his life away from the office doesn't lack in excitement either. 
Amanda Olson, Team Advisor 
Amanda is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a dedicated and passionate clinician, educator, and an advisor. She earned her doctorate degree in 2008 and has years of diverse clinical experience treating a wide variety of injuries and impairments. As a physical therapist, Amanda advocates for good posture, positioning, and the importance of good sleep habits.
Aaron Wilt, Founder and CEO
EnduriMed was born out a need to help people get a better night's sleep.  CPAP machines are a big adjustment to daily life and a good night's sleep means a fresh start for the next day.  My mission is to ensure we create high quality solutions for our customers to live a better life, day and night.  We do this through expert advice, top notch products, and exceptional customer service.  When you're our customer, I personally guarantee you will receive helpful and compassionate customer service and products that help.